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Easy Walking Design

The easy design is much easier and quicker than the traditional step in dog harnesses and only takes a few seconds to get on. This easy on-off design is great for small, medium, and large dog breads and all puppies or adults! It is much more comfortable than the dog harnes vest and dog step in harnesses. No more trips to the vet for for rashes from harness rubbing!

Matching Adjustable and Non-Adjustable Dog Leash

Unlike other leashes for dogs, our puppy leash is conveniently adjustable thanks to the sliding clips attached to it. These slides let you quickly and easily adjust the size of the leash from 3.5-6 feet long. These leashes perfectly match our EZHarness and Chest Plate Harness.

easy walk dog harness
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Best Dog Walking Harness

EZHarness by DEXDOG

Are you spending too much time getting your dog’s walking harness on and off? Does your dog hate putting his legs through the tiny harness loops? If so, the DEXDOG EZHarness is perfect for your pup.


The adjustable and reflective straps allow for both safety and comfort. The dog harness handle is great for practicing no pull techniques and training with young puppies. Our easy harness comes in a number of unique colors, including Blue, Green, Turquoise, Pink, and Black. Your dog will not be disappointed with its easy, light, and quick design.


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