What is the best dog harness for small dogs in 2017?

A dog harness basically gives more security and control than a plain dog collar. And when choosing a dog harness, pet owners of tiny pooches must not miss taking into account the best dog harness for small dogs.


Things you should look for best dog harness for small dogs


The following are the important points that the best dog harness for small dogs should have:

1. Quality

The item must be made of strong materials. Also, try checking the stitching and make sure that the stitching is strong and double. You also have to mind the proper attachment of the D-rings and clips. Don’t just look at the price, but look more closely on the reliability of the item.

2. Design

There are various designs for dog harnesses. From simple to intricate, the market has a wide array of choices for you. On top of the style, you need to give a heftier consideration on the security and reliability of the design. The design must be made to guarantee that your small dog won’t slip out of the harness.

3. Comfort

The best dog harness for small dogs takes care of comfort. Small dogs are apparently thin and don’t have a lot of fat or muscle. Thus, the harness you should pick must be comfortable and mustn’t dig right into your little friend’s skin. Find the best dog harness for small dogs with soft padding or material on the edges.

4. Size.

Accurately measure the size of your dog. Never resort to rough approximation or guessing. Look at the manufacturer’s suggestion about doing the measurement. Measure the girth, chest width, length, etc. and find a harness that suits them.

The best dog harness for small dogs

Now that you have the fundamental things to consider when purchasing a dog harness, let’s site some of the brands that we can recommend.

1. Dexdog 

Dexdog tops the list for various reasons. Their harnesses actually come in all shapes and sizes and cater to all dog breeds, even to the tiniest ones. The best part about dexdog is that their harnesses have adjustable and reflective straps and are so easy to put on.

2. Eco Bark

Eco bark harnesses have breathable harnesses perfect for outdoor gigs. Even dogs weighing 3 pounds can enjoy the Eco Bark harness.

3. Ruffwear

If your little pup is an adventurous one, Ruffwear is a good choice. Their comfy harnesses have 2 leash attachment points and have handy ID pocket.

4. Puppia 

Puppia has good harnesses for small dogs that also come in various styles and colors. Their adjustable chest belt, breathable feature, and lightweight design are their key points.

5. Li’l Pals

Even super small dogs can fit Li’l Pals’ harnesses. It’s highly affordable and also has fair features perfect for your tiny buddies.

Dogs, big and small, need the best care. However, pet owners generally think of the smaller pets as the more fragile ones. With this in mind, every detail of your pet care must not be taken for granted. Choosing the best dog harness for small dogs is not an exception. Consider the tips above and grab your best pick among all the small dog harnesses out there.

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