Best Dog Leash For Running in 2017

Discover Best Dog Leash For Running

Your pooch loves running as much as you do, and this activity must be made flawless by getting the best dog leash for running. The following are some of the dog leashes (in detailed category) that you and your dog will surely love as you hit the road:

Best Dog Leash For Running
Dog Running Leash

1. Adjustability

Running with non-adjustable straps can surely make running a pain for your dog. It’s also not ideal to get heavy duty elastic leashes. This makes it difficult to tie a loop in the middle to adjust or to deal with an emergency situation quickly. At first, elastic leashes might look short, but you do not know the extent of their stretch when running.

Winner: DEXDOG

DEXDOG has designed their leashes to be super adjustable. With the sliding clips attached, you can quickly adjust the leash for dogs of any size. Their leashes are also very easy to put on and off.

2. Length

The actual length you need depends on you and your dog’s size. If you’re relatively short, a long leash can be overwhelming for you. If you choose a leash that’s too short, you might not have enough clearance for your dog and for both of you to have your own gait. You’ll end up clashing and tripping over each other as you go for the run.

Winner: Ruffwear Flat Out Leash

They just have the right size for you. They have nice, light leash ideal for shorter runs.

3. Durability

The leash has to be built to last. It must endure repeated and even heavy use. This is especially the case if your pal is a huge dog breed.

Winner: Hands-Free Leash by Iron Doggy

They’re our winner here because they’ve added tied knots along their leash. These knots avoid your hands from slipping or tearing up along the way. Due to this design, it can be a bit heavy, but big dogs can handle it just fine.

4. Other factors to consider when purchasing a leash:

Choke up handles

Dominant dogs have to be pulled back. You may tie knots in your dog leash or pick one with some D-loop handles for an easy grab.


Keeping the leash color in mind is not just a matter of aesthetics but also important for safety purposes. Particularly if you stay in cities, runners do share routes with rollerblades and bikes. It’s best to pick a bright-colored leash which is reflective, so it sticks outs when running anytime, especially at dusk or dawn. Bikers can see you, but they might not be able to detect your small pooch. DEXDOG’s leashes are reflective and are therefore perfect for this criterion. Furthermore, choosing a provider with a fun range of colors enable you to mix & match them with your other pet supplies.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing best dog leash for running. Be sure to keep every factor in mind to ensure that you and your dog get the best run and capture the best active moments together. Most of all, keep safe as you set on track and be sure that your dog is in the best condition for a marathon.

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