The Best Time of Day to Walk Your Dog

Walking your dog regularly is beneficial for various reasons. It enables you and your pal to exercise; it stimulates their brain; it’s a great opportunity to train them; and it’s also a good form of potty training.There are several factors you have to take into consideration while choosing the best time of day to walk your dog. These include the age of your dog, the weather, your work schedule, your neighborhood, etc. Basically, the best time to walk your dog is simply when you already have enough time.

Even at least 20 minutes a few days per week could already work magic. You can spend a great time together and seize all the perks there are to dog walking. The problem usually lies on the schedule. Most pet owners are busy people struggling to juggle a good work-life balance. Because of this, inserting even a short dog walk in the schedule could be a challenge.

Factors for Deciding Best Time of Day to Walk Your Dog

The following are some tips pet parents can take to ensure that they have enough time to spare for their cherished pooches.

1. Set Up a Schedule

The best setup is to walk your dog exactly the same time daily. Schedule arrangement is important to trigger the dog’s conditioning. This activity might sound minor, but it can already go a long way to ensure your dog’s health and wellness.

2. Have a Daily Reminder

Setting an alarm is a must for many dog owners. If you find that too intrusive, you may just set a daily reminder on your smartphone. If you may have known, dogs have their own innate sense of time as well. So, once you stick to a regular schedule, you’ll be surprised to see them reminding you themselves.

3. Be Flexible

If you really can’t walk your dog right on schedule, you don’t really have to force it. And if the nature of your job schedule is not predictable, you can just do it a few hours later or any other time of the day. If you do not have time to walk your dog at all, you still have an easy resort. Just toss your tennis ball around your yard and try exercising your dog indoors instead. You can also just stick to indoors potty training to get rid of other troubles.

4. Get Up a Half Hour Earlier

Another tip you can consider if you do not have time for it is to sacrifice a bit and get up half an hour earlier. It might be inconvenient at first, but if you are serious about devoting time for a good stroll at the park with your dog, then this little adjustment won’t be much of a problem.

There is really no specific time that is recommended solely for dog walking. With the hustle and bustle of today’s life, it could really be a challenge to set things right into place. On top of making time for the dog walk, you also have to make sure that the walk is safe and meaningful. Be sure to use the best dog harness. This ensures the security and the smooth flow of your regular bonding moment. Most of all, enjoy the time together and treasure the memories you create.

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