A Buying Guide: Best Dog Leashes for Walking

Prong collar, head collar, harness, standard, retractable—these are the different kinds of dog leash options. Because of the variety, choosing the best dog leashes for walking can be an overwhelming task. You have to take note that each type of leash creates a different tension and reaction from your pup. Thus, choosing the right one for your buddy is a must.

Choosing Best Dog Leashes for Walking


Rule for Choosing Best Dog Leashes for Walking


The general rule is that if your pet pulls on the leash, walks right in front of you, sniffs just everywhere, reacts to noises, etc., that’s a sign to assess your leash choice.

But before we tackle about how to find the best dog leash for walking, let’s first talk about how really should your dog behave while walking? The thing is: if the leash is comfortable enough, your dog will be calmer and more relaxed while wearing it. Thus, he is unlikely to mind everything around him and just gear his full attention to you. If this is not the case of your morning or afternoon walks, then your leash could be the culprit.

The following are some of your dog leash options. Feel free to decide which is best for your pal:

Retractable Dog LeashesRetractable Dog Leashes

If you opt for a retractable leash, your pet dog could be twenty feet away from you. This type of leash has adjustable lines that allow your dog to decide his proximity from you. The downside of a retractable leash is that the dog ends up walking you instead of you being in control. It could also lead to cuts or burns for pet owners and neck, back, and limb injury for the pets.

Pinch or Prong Dog Collar

Pinch or Prong Dog CollarProng collars are another controversial leash type. We say controversial because some people so love them, and some so hate them. They actually provide a better sense of control but can also pose an extent of danger. Since the collar loop is made of metal links, they can pinch your pet’s neck when pulled.

Dog Harnesses

Harnesses have various types too, but the most common one is the body harness. A body harness encourages distracted dogs while walking. Harnesses are best for short-faced breeds. Your dog has to be well-trained to make a harness work wonders. As long as your dog stays well behaved while walking, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Head Dog Collar

It’s somewhat similar to a horse’s halter. It just slips on around the snout of your dog and snaps together just behind the ears. Dogs can actually still drink and eat while wearing a head dog collar. You can direct your dog better with head collars that will keep him undistracted. Stubborn dogs do need head collars. You, as a pet owner, also have to learn how to use it well and make your dog get used to it.

Multiple Dog LeashMultiple Dog Leash

If you have multiple dogs to walk, you can just use a single leash to direct them all. And if you have trained your dogs well, you can just use a multiple dog leash for your best friends. If your dogs aren’t used to walking yet and tend to pull and jump around, there could be another leash for you.

Standard Dog Leash

This is the most common leash type in every pet store. If your dog is well-trained, a standard leash can work perfectly well. However, most dogs just can’t help but pull on their leash. Standard leashes usually attach to flat collars that comfortably fit around the neck of your dog. It shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose that your pet slips out of it. As you adjust it, slip 2 or 3 of your fingers underneath the collar to ensure your dog’s comfort.

For extra comfort, choose leashes with padding. Dog leashes made from nylon are durable yet cheap. Thus, they’re a good choice for those budget-conscious pet owners looking for both quality and affordability. If your dog keeps on chewing their leash, a leash made of chains can be your pick. Some other factors you need to consider when picking a dog leash are the length, the width, and the clip type.

There are a lot of dog leash options in the market. In a nutshell, a good dog leash is one that disables you from fighting your dog while walking. If your pet pulls or tends to misbehave on the leash, then perhaps, there’s another option suitable for your pooch. The bottom line is to resort only to the best leash that can bring out the best strolls you and your beloved pet can ever share.

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