How to Choose the Right Dog Leash for Walking in 2021

When considering which kind of dog leash for walking to purchase, you have to take into account the size of your dog, what you’ll be using the leash for, and your dog’s leash habits. If you’re buying a leash for a puppy, you’ll probably have to upgrade to a stronger, more durable leash once or twice as she grows. Once you’ve determined these specifics, deciding which dog leash to buy is a fairly simple task.


Leash Types: Choose the Right Dog Leash for Walking 

Standard Dog Leash

This is probably the image that comes to mind when you think of a dog leash. These are usually made of nylon or leather, and are a set length, typically 4-8 feet. The right length will depend on where you’ll be walking your dog. If you live in a populated are with busy streets, a shorter length will keep your dog closer to you, and a longer leash is ideal for more open spaces so your dog has more freedom.

The levels of quality for standard leashes vary widely, so when choosing a leash, don’t overlook the materials used. Nylon and leather leashes are typically durable enough to keep large dogs under control and lightweight enough to use with puppies, unlike cotton or rubber leashes.

Retractable Dog Leash

People choose retractable leashes when they want options. These leashes can offer ranges as wide as 4-30 feet. This is going to be the thinnest and least durable leash that offers the most limited control, and is only recommended for dogs that are very well-behaved on a lead or for training purposes. A large dog that tends to pull can easily snap a retractable leash.

If you haven’t started leash-training your dog yet, these leashes can actually teach her to pull. When dogs are allowed to roam as far and wide as they want on retractable leashes, they aren’t going to understand when you try to ring them in and will try to push forward on the leash that usually gives them no resistance. Retractable leashes also have a reputation of tangling very easily, and because they’re so thin, knots can become extremely tight and impossible to release. If your dog is leash-trained, a retractable leash can be a great option to allow her freedom to roam when appropriate. Otherwise, it’s best to steer clear of these.

Adjustable Dog Leash

Adjustable dog leashes are the middle ground between standard and retractable leashes. These leads are usually chosen by people who want the flexibility in range retractable leashes offer along with the control of a standard dog leash.

These leashes usually offer a range of 3-6 feet. The DEXDOG Adjustable Dog Leash was designed with the pet parent in mind and comes in widths of 1/2 inch or 1 inch. This dog leash is perfect for puppies and smaller dog breeds, and is a wonderful training leash. The DEXDOG Adjustable Dog Leash is made of highly durable nylon, so it’s much stronger than a typical nylon leash. The sliding clip allows you to adjust the length from 3.5-6 feet. The best part about the DEXDOG Adjustable Dog Leash is the LIFETIME GUARANTEE. How many brands offer that? This means you won’t have to fool around with chain link dog leashes if your dog is in the habit of chewing on the lead.

The DEXDOG Adjustable Dog Leash has reinforced stitching for additional strength, but if your pooch does manage to damage this leash, just send DEXDOG a picture of the chewed leash, and you’ll be shipped a replacement. You have nothing to lose when purchasing this dog leash.

Leash Materials

Nylon Dog Leash

Nylon leads are far spread because it’s a cheap but durable material. Since nylon is man-made, there are a multitude of colors and styles, including reflective materials that are recommended if you frequently walk your dog in the early morning or after dark. Nylon leads are perfectly fine if they get wet and dry quickly with no negative effects.

Leather Dog Leash

Leather is a high quality and durable material, but will need treatment with a leather oil or conditioner if you expect it to hold up. Also, Leather leads are the most expensive, and usually the most comfortable to hold since they eventually soften and mold to your hand.

This information pertains to walking leashes. If you’re looking for a training leash, there are much longer leads that can range 50-150 feet that are better suited for training. Choosing the right dog leash is the first step to beginning the journey with your dog. After that, start leash-training your dog as soon as possible. It will be an investment worth much more than your time.