Designer Dogs: Do They Make Great Pets?

Today, designer dogs or hybrid dogs are already becoming more and more popular. Making designer dogs come to life involves purposefully mixing two purebred dog species. Most designer dogs are bred to achieve a specific trait, like hypoallergenic or less shedding. Also, designer dogs are unique and rare breeds. That is why more people are getting more interested in keeping them. Everybody always wants something that is beyond ordinary. However, caution has to be practiced when selecting a mixed breed. Although it’s convenient and is said to have more benefits, no one can tell how exactly the result will be and which unfavorable behaviors get dominant. You need to do your homework in researching about breeders and ensure that both breeds are suitable for your family and lifestyle.


Common Designer Dog Breeds


The following are some of the common designer dogs there are. You can try to start picking from here or check out other options that suit you better. Study your prospect breeds as well as the combination result to make sure that you’re getting what you have come to look for.

Schnoodle — Schnauzer & Poodle

Pitsky — Pitbull & Husky

• Pugle — Pug & Beagle

Jack-a-ranian — Jack Russell Terrier & Pomeranian

Yorkie Poo —Yorkshire Terrier & Poodle

Corman Shepherd —Corgi & German Shepherd

Chusky — Chow & Siberian Husky

Taco Terrier — Toy Fox Terrier & Chihuahua

Temperament of Hybrid Dogs

If you get a purebred pet, you basically already know what you’ll get. On the other hand, you can’t totally predict the gene traits of designer dogs. However, if it’s all done well, there could be heaps of benefits.

Once 2 or more dog breeds are intentionally joined, it usually results to designer dogs with even temperaments rather than extreme ones that purebreds usually have. You can potentially enjoy the best traits of multiple breeds in just one single pet. However, there could be characteristics that you might not have predicted. So, you also need to be ready in case things don’t go totally as expected. If you are looking for a pet with a particular trait, the easiest way to go is to first search for a purebred that has that specific trait.

Health of Mixed Breeds

Mixed breeds have a way better gene diversity that gets rid of the usual genetic health issues purebreds usually encounter. In a study involving purebred dogs and mix-breed ones, 10 genetic disorders were detected in purebred dogs at considerable rates. Only one disorder was prevalent in mixed breed dog species. If you are after the health of your future pet, getting designer dogs could be the way to go.

Other Benefits

There are other perks aspiring pet owners can benefit from designer dogs. Another is the wide range of varieties hybrid dogs have. You have more options laid out. If you think it’s expensive, you could be mistaken. You just have to check your humane society or local animal shelter to get designer dogs for just a fraction of the actual cost. Another apparent perk of designer dogs is their hybrid vigor. They have extra strength coming from their 2 purebred parents. They’re like rare gems you’d like to take care of.

Buying Tips

If you’re already thinking about buying designer dogs, make sure that you’re buying from reputable sources. Also, it’s best if you also do your own research since some sellers are used to fudging facts just to get a sale. Some breeders are just around for the profit and may not really pay attention to the betterment of the breed. It’s also recommended to consult your veterinarian about the best ways to go about the purchase. Getting word-of-mouth recommendations from your friends and family also count. You’re not just getting a dog here; you’re also adding a new family member. So, make the wisest choice.

Adopting Dogs

Before processing the adoption papers, you first have to decide whether you need a purebred or a hybrid one. On top of designer dogs, you may also consider adopting a mutt just from your local animal shelter. Mutts have equally great benefits as designer dogs and can also be loyal and grateful companions you’d love to keep.

If you can’t decide all by yourself, you can speak with your veterinarian or dog trainer to weigh your options well. This could sound like a minor detail, but choosing the type of breed to keep can really go a long way to ensure that you’re keeping the right pets for your family and lifestyle.

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