Dog Harness vs. Dog Collar: Which is Best for Your Pooch?

Dog Harness vs. Dog Collar

Like humans, dogs also come in various shapes and sizes with different personalities and needs. What works for one dog might not be best for another. One of the aspects that make pet owners confused is the choice between a dog collar and a dog harness.

When choosing between a harness and a collar, three things have to be kept in mind. These are the training and behavioral goals of your pet, his size and confirmation, as well as his medical conditions.

Let’s now discuss the dog harness vs. dog collar and when to best use them.

Collars:Dog Harness vs. Dog Collar

In terms of walking and training our pets, using collars is basically the most typical choice. The majority of pet owners are already familiar with the signature necklace-like type of collar. However, dog collars actually have multiple forms. A type of collar that is least recommended is the metal choke collar and the ping-prong collar. These kinds bring harm to your dog. There are other types of collars that do not necessarily choke your pooches to get their attention.

A head collar is the most recommended type of collar. It has two straps, one that fits around the muzzle and another one that goes around your pet’s head. As you connect the leash to the strap right around the muzzle, it makes you more in charge when setting the direction of your dog during your strolls instead of having to yank them on the neck. If your dog is a persistent puller, a head collar is best for him. It makes him develop the habit of not pulling, and when your dog starts to behave better, you may consider switching to a more comfortable collar or harness.

When to use:

If your pet doesn’t pull on their leash and also doesn’t have any respiratory or trachea issues, a collar is a fair choice for everyday use. As long as your dog doesn’t have the aforementioned leash pulling issues and respiratory problems, a dog collar can be a good option for dogs big and small. Otherwise, your dog might get choked when pulling too much or might have their tracheal problems worsened.

Harnesses:Dog Harness vs. Dog Collar

Many dog owners also use a harness for their pets. A lot of pet owners choose this because it’s a general knowledge that collars are harmful when dogs have pulling tendencies. One of the best types of harness is the front clip harness. It enables you to attach your leash right in between your dog’s breast bone. Step-in harnesses actually encourage pulling. However, when a front clip harness is used, two straps are applying pressure to the front, disabling your pet from pulling too much. This type of harness may also be more comfortable for a dog than a head collar.

When to use:

Canines that lunge and pull too much can just be safe when harnesses are in use. Aside from being perfect for dogs who usually pull, a dog harness is also recommended for breeds with short muzzles, like pugs. These dog types usually encounter tracheal collapse and breathing complications. Thus, a harness is recommended for them.

Choosing between a dog harness vs. dog collar really depends on your dogs’ needs. It’s best to know the benefits and downsides of using both, so you can seal the best purchasing decision.

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