How to Find a Good Large Dog Harness for Walking?

Harnesses are indeed a must-have for pet owners, especially those who own large pooches. A large dog harness for walking is essential for various reasons. It gives you greater control over your giant pal, makes training and walking much more convenient, and secures the health and welfare of your big fluffy friend.


Characteristics of a large dog harness for walking

The following are some of the key qualities of a good dog harness. Do consider these aspects in buying your next harness:

· Strong, durable, safe, and reliable

· Rust, water, and pull/ snap resistant

· Comfortable (Ideally with anti-chaffing material and padding)

· Adjustable for all sizes—especially for the largest ones

· Multiple attachments and front strap (no-pull harness)

Note: Even if you’re getting the best large dog harness for walking, you still have to take the time to train your furry friend to minimize pulling and other unfavorable habits when walking.

Parts of a good large dog harness for walking

Parts of a good large dog harness for walking

There are four main parts of a good large dog harness for walking. They are the following:

– Straps. These include the belly, shoulder, and chest straps. The straps should ideally be made of non-chafing, soft, and comfy materials, such as nylon.

– Clips/ buckles. Materials like hardened plastic are durable and strong enough to provide both security and longevity.

– Loops/ Rings. There should be some metal “O” rings right on the sides that link the straps as well as a metal “D” ring right on the front and perhaps on the back to attach the lead clip to. The best material is stainless steel.

– Metal Sliders- Again, the most recommended material for metal sliders is stainless steel. The metal sliders are used for the size adjustment of the large dog harness for walking.

Note: Take the time to further research about the various types of materials which are best for dog harnesses. Usually, nylon and stainless steel as well as soft padding are parts of the list.

How to Measure the Harness Size 

In order to accurately measure the size of your large dog harness for walking, there are 2 main measurements you can consider:

1. Chest Width – Stretch your measuring tape right across the chest/front bone of your big dog to around an inch behind every front leg.

2. Girth- Behind your dog’s front legs, wrap a measuring tape around the deepest part of your dog’s rib cage all the way to its back.


What is the Usual Harness Size of a Large Dog?

You can refer to the manufacturer harness sizing chart to get a better grasp of what your dog needs. However, a large dog harness for walking is normally sized 16-21 inches (chest width) and 27-40 inches (girth). You can ask the help of your dog trainer or veterinarian for a better gauge. 

There are a lot of dog harness types for huge dogs, but a large dog harness for walking is the most commonly used one. No-pull harnesses are flexible and can truly help both the pet owners and their beloved buddies to enjoy a good time outdoors. Thus, it’s really essential to consider the best buying guides as well as reviews of your prospect large dog harness for walking. Always choose what is best not just according to cost but according to quality, durability, and comfort.