How To Put On A Petsafe® Easy Walk Harness®

A Petsafe Easy Walk Harness


Dogs have been man’s friends since their evolution based on the dog’s advanced social skills. This could have developed from the fact that Dogs hunt in packs. They have a biting restrain based on this social behavior, unlike other animals.

Need for Harness

Dogs, being a naturally playfulness have a tendency to wander off at the slightest excitement when walking the dog. The tendency to wander off and probably get missing is what led to the development of the harness. The harness just as the name implies is meant to give the advantage of a hold on the dog so that the dog will not take off at the slightest throw of a ball or the sight of a bird.

Traditional Harness

The traditional harness has an attachment to the dog on the backside of the harness just right after the neck base. The dog is usually very comfortable with this, in fact too comfortable that it can still make attempt to dart off suddenly and end up dragging the holder along with it. Though there is a leash fixed on the dog in this way, the leash is not attached to the advantage for the guide. The traditional leash harness has this lapse hence, the easy harness. Though there are times this type of leash are desirable but for a certain age range, it is advisable to use a front leash which will make the control of the canine much easier in even or walking.

Easy Walk Harness

This type of harness is well designed such that while being comfortable for the canine, it is also removing the tendency of the dog to drag the holder along. This is based on where the main harness handle is attached on the dog. The attachment comes just at the base of the neck/beginning of the chest region in front underneath, as the dog is a 4-legged animal.  This makes it very easy to steer the dog in case of a wander attempt. The dog point of attachment of the holder will always cause a pivotal turn, hence distracting the canine from the source of the excitement for a moment with the smallest of energy exerted. In this case, walking the dog is made so easy that even a toddler or a 100-year-old grandma could walk a bulldog with ease.

Harness Fit Determination

In the determination of the harness that best fit the dog, the chest girth measurement is taken round from the back of the neck through the back of the fore leg. The easy walk harness is a 3 way strap. The first strap is the shoulder strap that passes right behind the back of the dog. Then the belly strap that fits right through the under chest of the dog just behind the front legs while the third strap passes right through the front chest and has the point of attachment. The harness is then adjusted for the chest girth using the shoulder/belly strap adjustment.


EZWalker – Easy Walk Alternative by DEXDOG

Unlike other types of easy harness, the EZWalker is unique in that it has a special attachment loop/strap that is changeable as either a front leash or a pull harness. There are some instances when the pull harness is desirable, at such times, the EZWalker will just fit perfectly by passing the forth loop over the shoulder.

How to put On The Easy Walk Harness

  • Have someone feed the dog some nice treat to distract the dog's attention makes it easier
  • With the right fit determined for the dog, the harness buckles are loosened well enough for the dog and the quick snap buckles are unbuckled.
  • It is worn on the dog, placed over the dog head and the buckles are clipped in with the shoulder strap coming first. The handle strap which is the fourth strap is directed as wanted either to the top or to the front in a traditional fashion.
  • The shoulder strap is then tightened to the right length
  • The lower strap is clipped on while making sure that the chest strap is in place on the chest
  • The lower strap is then tightened to fit as required. Care should be taken not to tighten it too much to give room for ribcage movement during breathing.
  • The handle is then attached to the ring on the handle strap which is the fourth strap and the dog is ready for a stroll.

Advantages of EZHarness

  1. The EZHarness comes as a multipurpose dog harness for both front and top attachments.
  2. The style is unique and great.
  3. Easy to wear and lightweight
  4. Great for training and
  5. 1-year satisfaction guarantee

Being friends with true friends goes beyond claims, it involves actions. The most important thing that can be done for the dog is a fun time in terms of taking out for walks. When taking canines out for walks, it is important to make sure it is convenient, not just only for the dog but also as enjoyable for the person involved also. Just like in anything, paying attention to little details matters.

Details like what makes the dog happy, what keeps the person or guide happy to want to repeat the experience again, and so on. It is in this that the duo will find the fulfillment of time spent together. EZHarness provides this type of comfort. A multipurpose dog harness not just only keeps the dog in tow but also keeps the guide in strides and within the breath. No more breathless time pulling and tugging, dragging, and panting.

 In conclusion, having a great dog might not guarantee to enjoy time out with the dog unless choices of great accessories are made. The EZHarness and other great types of accessories guarantee this. The choice of accessories for the dog lies on the owner. Making the best choice does not only gives great moments with the dog but also imparts on the quality of time spent with the dog.

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