Top 6 Major Dog-Walking Mistakes You Should Avoid

Walking dogs might sound too easy and simple. However, there could still be things that you are completely missing out. You might be doing something you’re not supposed to do or not doing something that should have been done.

Major Dog-Walking Mistakes To Avoid   Major Dog-Walking Mistakes To Avoid

For you to assess how your dog-walking is, check out the most common dog walking mistakes below and the ways to get rid of them.

1. Stopping for Stubborn Pups

Large dog breeds are usually excited to step out of the door for a nice morning or afternoon walk. However, the smaller ones might not be as eager. If your pups start to get stubborn and resist being brought out, the best thing to do is to reward them with kibble instead of staying at home as they desire. A pack of kibble can be really handy to lure them out.

2. Overlooking Safety Hazards

Always keep safety in mind when walking your dogs. There could be chemicals everywhere, and when your dogs step on them and later lick their paws, the chemicals could have them poisoned. Consider having paw protection or just walk on sidewalks. You might also want to rub down their paws with a warm towel after your walk. Apply petroleum jelly to their foot pads for further safety.

3. Choosing the Wrong Leash

There are things you should consider in getting the right leash and the best harness for dogs. For new pet owners, short leashes are recommended for better control. For those who own small dog breeds, getting the best harness for dogs is a must. A harness is even better than a leash since it avoids them from getting choked. Using a prong collar is also useful to prevent dogs from running all over the street. Choosing the right products also matter in making your dog walks smooth and care-free, so take the best pick each time.

4. Ignoring Pet Behavior

Pay attention to how your dog behaves as you proceed with your walk. If he’s heavily panting, it could be due to the excessive heat. Find water immediately and cut your walk short to let your pet rest. It is best to bring a bottle of water with you in case your pal goes thirsty along the way.

5. Approaching Strange Dogs

You might be trying to let your dog socialize or something, but trust me, better not. Don’t approach dogs you do not know. Although you know how friendly your buddy is, you never know how hostile other dogs can be. You don’t want to end up getting your dog into a street fight.

6. Not Rewarding Post-walk

If you’re done with your walk, don’t miss rewarding him with a good treat. This is a positive reinforcement that can make him somehow look forward to your next visit at the park.

Do not belittle the tiny details of dog care. Though the things above may seem petty, they are actually crucial for the safety, health, and comfort of your beloved pooches. Make the most out of your time together and eliminate all possible troubles there are.

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