Petsafe® Easy Walk Harness® Review

Review of Petsafe® Easy Walk Harness

The Petsafe® Easy Walk Harness® is meant to prevent your dog from leash pulling.  In this review, I will be showing you what the easy walk harness is and how it works. The Easy Walk Harness® is made to gently prevent your dog from various pulling while walking on a leash. The normal harness allows you to pull the dog harder due to the “opposition reflex.” This is why sled dogs do what they do now.Easy Walk Harness® has a different front-chest leash attachment does not allow tightening in the dog chest and shoulder blades. This kind of pressure moves your dog to the side and turning the dog toward you. The Easy Walk Harness does not result in choking, gagging and coughing this is because of the dog chest strap rest across the breastbone because the chest strap rests low across the breastbone, it’s not on the delicate tracheal area.

Quality Features:  easy walk harness

The buckle on the neck and shoulder allow you to put it on and off. The harness is very soft and made from soft nylon and about four adjustment points which give the dog comfort and excellent fit. The belly strap is made of different color, which makes it easy to identify the strap that goes to the shoulder and that made for the belly.

Color Combinations:

The various colors of the straps are:


Black/deep purple


Navy/Royal Blue



How does it Work?

Can we say Easy Walk Harness® deliver all the company promised in the advertisement?

The picture from the advertisement shows the leash attachment is in a loop which is joined to the loop.  If your dog pulls, this makes the loop to compress the Harness toward the dog shoulder. We have a strong dog, as the dog pull the harness always compress the shoulder blades and this will make the dog look back and later to my side.  And every time the dog pulls, he retreats and also the shoulder blades.  And the dog got used to the compression as time goes on.  Even if the dog forces through the harness, the pressure will not be felt by the Walker. There is no any experience of a strong tug on the leash of EZTrainer.  The easy walk harness works.

easy dog harness in purple color

Does work the easy walk harness work perfect?

The adjustment point is a metal, and the nylon used for it loosens as the dog pulls.  You will see this more in the area attached with chest adjustment. As you go for a walk with your dog, you will see the chest strap been noticeable.  This will make it not to compress the shoulder blade which can result to more leash pulling. This can be solved by using material that does not contain nylon. The dog also develops hotspot due to the materials; this may increase the sensitivity of the dog skin and small amount of fur. This signifies that the harness is resting more on the skin than the hair of the dog. In a nutshell, this product works.  This product sells in stores for less than $20, which is still a good price.  The product is designed perfectly.  They also made a little improvement to their harness by moving the pressure from the neck to the body part of the dog.  And if you are putting too much pressure on the neck of your dog this product may be the solution to such problem. For less than $20, this is a product good buying.


What are the Upsides of Easy Walk Harness®

  • The product works and does not cause leash pulling
  • The product is easy to use ad it fit
  • Price is very competitive compared to other product like this
  • The pressure is shifted from the neck of the dog to the body

The Downside of Easy Walks Harness

  • This may cause hotspot on the dog
  • When you take a long walk, the adjustment point loosen


The easy walk harness does a great job. The product has a little imperfection, but theEasy Walk Dog Harness® may be the answer to your dog problem. A Great Alternative is the EZTrainer by DEXDOG – Check it out!

NOTE: Easy Walk Harness is the trademark of Petsafe®. We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Petsafe® and its or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

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