How to Put on a Dog Harness


Many new pet owners still need to know how to put on a dog harness. Dog harnesses come in various styles, and each style calls for different techniques when putting it on. Usually, a harness just requires you to slip it over your pet’s head or your dog stepping into it. No matter what the style is, it’s essential for your dog to get used to it to ensure that you both are tangle-free. Well-behaved dogs don’t have ay trouble wearing a harness, but those who are still on the verge of getting the hang of it could still have the tendency to misbehave and get jumpy. Preparing some treats while putting on the harness could work if your dog goes twitchy.

The following steps are the general things to consider how to put on a dog harness:1-purple

1. Position

Unbuckle the dog harness and lay it flat and open on the ground. With your pet standing over his harness, place his right leg in the right loop and his left leg in the left loop. If the harness you bought just has to be put on over your dog’s head, just go ahead and do so while positioning his legs on the arm holes.

2. Secure

Then, snap the buckles together. It’s best to get straps with wider side or something with a soft chest pad. This is to ensure your pal’s comfort.

3. Adjust

Use the straps’ adjustment points to properly fit the harness snug. It must be snug yet loose enough for pet owners to fit two to three fingers comfortably between the harness and the dog. Make necessary adjustments if necessary.


Dog Harness Styles

As mentioned, dog harnesses could come in various styles. It’s also best to be familiar with each type, so you can better know which is best for your buddy.

· Back-clip: It is said to be the easiest for pets to adjust to. It’s especially handy for dogs with fragile throats that get usually irritated if collars are used.

· Training or Front-clip Harness: This has an attachment which has to be in the center of your pet’s chest. This style also reduces dog pulling tendencies. It’s best for dog walking and training as you can direct your pup better with this.

· Step-in or Comfort-wrap Harness: this type is made to easily get your pet step into it and close right on your dog’s back. Just lay the dog harness on the floor, step the dog in, pull the dog harness up and buckle together.

· Vest or Soft Harness: It’s made of mesh materials in various patterns and colors. It’s wider and thicker than other alternatives.

· No-pull Harness: This is also ideal for fog walking and training. When your dog pulls, the harness tightens and adds pressure.

· Auto Harness: To keep your dog away from distracting your drive, a good auto-harness comes handy. It hooks right into your car’s seatbelt seamlessly.

· Dog Mobility Harness: This is perfect for dogs with spine or leg injuries or those aged ones. It’s basically a dog lifting aid. It is not designed for regular dog walking.

Putting on a harness might sound trivial, but in order to ensure what’s best for your pooch, you really have to pay attention to the details and follow the steps that secure their comfort. Choosing and putting on a dog harness are definitely not an exception.

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