Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dog Harness

Having a dog harness makes it easier and more comfortable for our pups. Harnesses can be very useful in a number of cases, especially if a puppy tends to pull on its leash or in the instance where the dog has respiratory problems. However, finding the perfect dog harness can be a little bit tricky. The wide variety to choose from makes picking the best harness for your dog can be quite challenging. However, with the right knowledge, it is pretty easy to choose the best dog harness available.

Choosing the Perfect Dog Harness

Dog harnesses can be classified into various types:

Standard Harness

This harness is put over the head of the dog and then closes around the body. It also consists of a neck enclosure which distributes the weight. Shoulder straps are also added to be used in case the dog develops neck pains. This type has been proven to be the best dog harness for small breeds. It is also more suited to well-behaved dogs as it is hard to put it on.

Step-in Harness

As opposed to the standard harness, the dog step-in harness and leash is located at the top. This harness eliminates the risk of choking the dogs as the weight is distributed evenly along the body. This harness has proved to be the most effective on obedient dogs. It can also be adjusted to suit any size of the dog, hence is very versatile.

Vest Harness

These are very common in small breeds. Basically, the torso is covered in fabric. When choosing this type, it is important to ensure the dog is comfortable, hence ensure the fur size is taken into account when determining the size. They do not cover the neck hence they eliminate the chance of choking.

Over the Head Harness

Perfect Dog Harness

These harnesses are the easiest and quickest to use. All you have to do it slip the harness over the dog’s head and you are good to go. No more having to lift up the dog to put the harness under their legs. Check out our DEXDOG easy walk harness at for more information.

Car/Traveling Harness



Perfect Dog Harness











It is the best harness for those who love trips and vacations. Consist of a safety belt loop for attaching to a car safety belt.

Built-in Leash Harness

Perfect Dog Harness

It contains a D-ring that allows the attachment of a normal leash used for casual walks and strolls. It is the best dog harness for larger breeds that tend to misbehave in social places.

When looking for the best dog harness in the market, there are three factors that come to play. These are fabric material, size, and control. In case, of fabric material, choose a fabric that is durable and most importantly comfortable especially around the underarms. Also, ensure that the harness is of the appropriate size. The best dog harness should also be able to keep control of the dog at all times.

Some useful tips for choosing the best dog harness are:

– It is important for a harness to fit well. A dog can easily slip away from a loose harness while a tight one can make the walk very uncomfortable.

– Do not use retractable leashes if your dog is prone to pull or lunge during a walk.

– To ensure safety during the night, it is best to use a harness that is visible in dark environments.

In addition, brands that provide the best dog harness are Petsafe, Dean & Tyler. Dean & Tyler provides the best dog harness in terms of great quality leather and nylon harnesses.

The other notable mention is Kurgo. It offers some of the best dog harnesses with the bonus of a lifetime warranty. Puppia is also one of the best brands. Our favorite is obviously, the DEXDOG EZHarness, which you can find here.

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