Top 10 Best Gadget Gifts for Dogs in 2021

Our pets are our family. Whoever said a dog is a man’s best friend didn’t understand that a dog is actually more like a child. Our dogs are there for us when it feels like no one else in the world is on our side. To reward such a special bond, of course you’d want to pamper your pooch!

Top 10 Best Gadget Gifts for Dogs

Below is a list of the top 10 gadgets and gizmos for the best dog gifts available today. Surprise your dog or the dog-lovers in your life with any of these gifts to guarantee their heart will stay warm well past the holiday season.

  1. iFETCH Automatic Ball Launcher
    Hallelujah, it’s finally here. If you or someone you know has pooch that needs hours of activity to tire out, this could be one of the best dog gifts they ever receive. An automatic ball launcher with 30 hours of battery life, the iFetch could be a godsend. It comes with three balls specifically sized for the machine, and has three launch settings – 10ft, 20ft, or 30ft. If the dog is easy to train, she can learn to drop the balls next to you or into the funnel. Then all you’d have to do is push the button on the back to launch.
  2. Leuchtie Plus LED Dog Light Collar
    Worry no more during the hours between dusk and dawn. This collar shines like a glow-stick, and is worn in addition to your dog’s collar. This will make your dog visible to traffic and pedestrians, and easily identifiable if he’s walking ahead of you off-lead. This collar comes in two sizes, several colors, and is 100% waterproof.
  3. GoPro GP2038 Fetch Dog Harness
    If you don’t already have a GoPro, this Fetch Dog Harness may prompt you to buy one. This is ideal for adventurous pups to capture their explorations from their perspective. The harness is designed to slip over the head and fastens on either side of the body. Once your dog is strapped up, you can attach the camera on the back or at chest-level.
  4. Dyson Groom
    This is a gift for the parent rather than the pet, and this doggie gift will place you in history as the most thoughtful gift-giver of all time. Dyson has done it again with this attachment for most Dyson models. This is ideal for dog breeds with those undercoats that never seem to end (and if the recipient already has a Dyson). The Dyson Groom is suitable for medium and long-haired dogs, and can be used on clothes, upholstery, and on the dog himself.
  5.  Tagg Pet Tracker
    What if it wasn’t possible for your dog to run away and become lost? This glorious contemplation can now be your reality. The Tagg Pet Tracker is a collar with GPS capabilities, so you can easily drive right up to your dog using your smartphone’s maps app. The amazing device will even send you text and email alerts when your dog goes off the grid.
  6. GoDogGo Machine Ball Fetcher
    This is another automatic ball launcher, but unlike the iFETCH, the GoDogGo Machine Ball Fetcher is compatible with a variety of ball sizes.
  7. Wigzi Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash
    This could make one of the best dog gifts for those with multiple dogs. Walking more than one dog always leads to one thing: tangled leashes. Wigzi has created a dual dog leash where it’s impossible for either leash to cross over the other.
  8. FitBark
    Just like the health trackers for humans, FitBark is a health and activity tracker for your dog. Attach the device to your dog’s collar, and whenever she’s near an authorized smartphone or FitBark base station, her vital information will be updated so you can view the info on your smartphone anywhere. FitBark tracks the progress of your dog’s health, and can even inform you if she’s feeling sick or if anything signals a serious health problem.
  9. CleverPet
    CleverPet is like a video game console for dogs. We got it for our dog, Dexter this year and he loves it! It keeps him busy and makes him smarter! It takes some patience and is pricey, but if you want your dog to be entertained it is totally worth it!
  10. Pet Chatz
    There are plenty of electronics out there that allows you to have send and receive audio feeds with your pets, but hardly any include video. Pet Chatz covers it all by not only making video conference calls possible, but also dispensing treats! Now when it’s not even lunch break at work, but you want to check in on your pooch, all you have to do connect with your smartphone, call his name and see your dog race to the monitor to see you (or maybe for the treat).