Top Affordable Alternative to the lovethybeas Canvas Pet Tote Bag

For many families and people living alone pet dogs are the preferred pets as they are loyal, entertain and also help in protecting the home. However if the home owner is planning to be away from home, he or she has to make arrangements for keeping the pet or carry the dog while traveling. As it is difficult and also expensive to find someone reliable to look after the pet, many pet owners prefer to carry the pet with themselves . While the lovethybeast pet bag is popular it is expensive costing $160. So many pet owners are looking for the Top Affordable Alternative to lovethybeast Canvas Pet Tote Bag, which has similar features at a better price.

One of the most affordable options to the lovethybeast canvas pet tote bag is the dog tote carrier bag from DEXDOG which offers many of the same or better features at

a far better price of $49.99. Like the lovethybeast pet bag, the DEXDOG pet tote bag is designed so that the pet can be carried comfortably and safely for short distance travel as well as over long distances, during a flight. The lightweight bag has a window so that the pet owner can check the pet periodically, and the pet can breathe. The fashionable pet tote is blue in color, and will match almost any outfit of the pet owner.

The DEXDOG pet carrier bag has a zipper along the top side of the bag, so that the bag can be easily closed and opened for inserting the dog in the bag. This is c


onvenient for cleaning the bag whenever required. There is an attachment for a safety leash ,so that the pet remains safe, though there may be some turbulence while traveling. The zipper closure of the bag has a fur guard protection, so that the fur of the dog does not get entangled in the zipper, which can lead to pain for the dog.

The dimensions of the DEXDOG pet tote bag are length of 14 inches, width of 8 inches and height of 12 inches so that most small dogs and other pets can be easily accommodated in the carrier bag on the move.. Though the pet bag is designed to carry pets of weight up to 15 kg or 33 lb like the similar lovethybeast pet bag, it is recommended that the pets of weight 4kg or 8.8 lb should be carried in the bag. The tote



bag has two long shoulder straps, which are double stitched so that they do not become loose, for conveniently lifting the bag, and carrying it on the shoulder while moving from one place to another.


High quality soft material is used for making the DEXDOG pet tote bag, which can be easily washed at a temperature of 40 degree Celsius without affecting the shape and other features of the bag. Even when the bag is being washed repeatedly, the material used will retain its elasticity and original shape. It is highly recommended that the pet owner measure his or her pet before purchasing the bag to ensure the right fit. The bottom of the bag is made of thicker and tougher material to carry the weight of the dog or other pet. There is a window on the right side of the bag , while the left side of the pet bag is closed.

While traveling in a car or other vehicle the pet owner can easily keep the pet bag under the seat so that it does not take up much space. Pet owners who would like to watch or play with their pet during their journey can also place the pet tote bag on their lap, as it is very light weight. The sellers of the DEXDOG dog tote carrier bag are so confident of the quality and design of the carrier bag, that they are offering a money back warranty on the bag. Any customers who are not satisfied with the bag, can return the bag, and they will get a full refund of the money which they spent.

Most pet owners are only carrying their smaller pet dogs with them as they are light weight and small and this makes the carrier dog bag, the ideal option for pet owners looking for an inexpensive tote bag for their pet. So the DEXDOG Dog Carrier tote bag is the Top Affordable Alternative to lovethybeast Canvas Pet Tote Bag available online, as it is similar in design, features, quality , size available, durability, yet the price of the

DEXDOG dog bag is only $49.99, which is less than one third of the price of the lovethybeast pet bag.


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