Top Nine Best Service Dog Harnesses in 2021

Service dogs can do wonders, such as alerting for help, assisting with mobility issues, picking up dropped items, assisting the blind and hearing impaired, opening and closing doors, etc. These dogs can be life savers. Thus, they need the best kind of devices they deserve. One of the main things service dogs need is a service dog harnesses. If you’re looking for a good harness for your trusted pal, the following brands are great options.

Service Dog Harnesses Brands

If you’re looking for a good harness for your trusted pal, the following brands are great options.

1. Unho

Their Nylon Reflective Service Dog Vest Harness is great for large dogs. It’s best for walking training with patches..

2. Yogadog

They provide a heavy-duty service dog harnesses with soft padding and a great leash design perfect for medium and large service dogs. If your dog has a sensitive neck, their service dog harness offers great stress point.

3. Industrial Puppy  Industrial Puppy

Industrial puppy has a whole heap of dog harnesses specifically for working dogs. That is their top priority– to help service dogs perform their best.

4. Eezwalker

They design service dog harnesses for all dog breeds. They’re meant for multiple dog activities like tracking scent work, jogging, puppy training, etc. Its fleece lining is designed to be wider than the webbing to ensure that your dog feels utmost comfort. Their designs come in seven different colors.

5. ActiveDog  

ActiveDog has a lot of harness products for service dogs. One of its best sellers is the Saddle Bag Harness Vest. It’s loaded with great features. It’s padded and made of 2 layers of weather-resistant denier polyester fabric and it’s easy to put on with its wide girth strap to snap shut. With its plastic slides & snap buckles, it’s generally lightweight and great for your pup.

6. Dogline Unimax Dogline

Their frontline is their Dogline Unimax Multipurpose Harness with its Removable Chest Plate & IN TRAINING Velcro Patches. It’s a great match for medical alert dogs, therapy dogs, law enforcement dogs, etc. Whether it’s for biking, walking, hunting, tracking, and other support activities, this low-maintenance harness is a good choice.

7. Pawaboo

Pawaboo has durable items with breathable fabric. Their Pawaboo Service Dog Vest Harness + Dog Leash comes with 2 interchangeable reflective Velcro patches and chest strap. This product is best for daily dog training and walking.

8. Expawlorer  Expawlorer

Expawlorer focuses on the dogs’ comfort. Thus, they’ve come with an Anti-Anxiety Service Dog Harness. This comfortable and adjustable vest harness is what you need to keep your service dog on the move while getting their comfort covered.

9. barkOufitters  barkOufitters

You can easily identify your service dg with barkOufitters’ harnesses. The good thing about their service dog harness vest is that it’s probably one of the lightest there is. This makes your dog do the job while feeling totally comfy.