About Us

While in law school, Seth could not find a proper dog harness for his toy Goldendoodle. Dexter was scared of every dog harness that we tried to put underneath him. Our first product, the EZHarness dog harness, combined the best features of the dog harness and dog collar. It simply slips over your pups head. Additionally, it comes in many different stylish collars. Most importantly, however, Dexter, and a number of other dogs are no longer afraid of their dog harnesses.

Brooklyn, New York

In 2016, DEXDOG was launched out of Brooklyn, New York after finding success with selling our EZHarness. DEXDOG has experienced incredible growth and sales in a small amount of time.We have launched a number of other products, including the matching Adjustable Dog Leash. DEXDOG has been featured in a number of popular dog blogs and national publications. Additionally, DEXDOG harnesses have been consistently been rated and reviewed as some of the best dog harnesses on the market.

We make innovative and stylish dog products to not only improve the lives of our dog owners, but more importantly their precious pooches. That is why we have teamed up with a number of animal shelters and foster organizations to donate dog products to animals in need.

If you have any issues with your product or any suggestions on how to make our product better, please contact us.

Thank you for checking out DEXDOG and helping us do what we love!